Getting started…

It’s three months into my Ironman training plan and it’s been three months of base work.  Base work has involved minor swims starting at 10-minutes a time with a gradual build-up to my current sessions of 35-minutes.  Sometimes changing in and out of my swimsuit took longer than the actual session…


Spinning session were introduced in order to get the legs acclimatises to churning and a road bike was my first Ironman purchase.  I opted for a second-hand model that cost just R3, 000.00.  Triathlon bikes range in price from R3, 000.00 to over R50, 000.00 with many elite competitors opting for a time trial bike.  Budget constraints and my novice aspiration were just to finish vs. going full out for a competitive time and my Trek 1000 was adequate.  The transition from a mountain bike to a road bike was the next adjustment I had to make.  Cleats on my road bike produced several bruises and hearty laughs the first time I ventured out on my first road ride of 1-hour.  Weekend rides are no shorter than 2-hours now and planning a route is almost as exciting as riding the route.


My social running foundation stood me in good form but I struggled to adapt to two short runs one day after the other during the week.  My pre-Ironman routine was a long run on the weekend off-road with the remainder of the weekend for rest and recovery.


The adjustment to my weekly routine took some time to get used to but three months into my training plan and it’s become part of my day/week.  The slow increase in fitness level is evident and the increase in engery level has filled me with confidence for the remaining 7-months.  My body has changed shape over the past three months with hardly any change in my eating.  I’ve lost centimetres and my body is looking and feeling a lot more toned.  I’ve embraced Ironman and well on my way to crossing the finish line.



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