22 weeks to Ironman

Training up’ed a notch this week with an additional 1-hour swim thrown in for good measures.  Juggling disciplines is becoming a fine-art and sometimes what seems like a good switch results in no rest day for the week. 


I’ve joined a swim-squad and can only recommend it.  In fact, any training you can do with a buddy or group of friends is all the better.  It eases the struggle and often turns an average run/cycle/swim into an awesome one.  Sharing stories and trading tips along the way is valuable and spotting the odd whale or two with a buddy just puts the cherry on top of the cake!


It’s with apprehension I tackle next week as a business trip see’s me up north for four days.  I’ve rearranged my training plan and gearing myself for a hard run on Tuesday vs. Wednesday. 


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