21 weeks to Ironman

Travelling and sticking to a training plan is achievable with the right amount of planning. Three days in Johannesburg gave me the opportunity to run new routes.


Committing to a 34 week training programme doesn’t allow much spur of the moment decisions to creep in.  Often opportunities don’t rear their heads months in advance but usually a few days before they are about to happen.  So, after much discussion with my coach I’ve decided to divert from my training plan and hop on my mountain-bike for three days in the landscape of the Cederberg Mountains.  I will be taking part in the much acclaimed Cederberg-Escape, a three-day stage race covering 186kms (day 1 – 84km, day 2 – 54 km, day 3 – 48km).  My legs are not quite ready, nor is my rear but opportunities like this are rare. 


Ironman is still my number one goal and I will tackle the three days with care and not loose sight of race day.


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