20 weeks to Ironman

15 hours and 20 minutes later my bike grinded to a halt as I successfully completed the Cederberg Escape . 


A breath-taking three days that pitted MTB’s best against soaring temperatures and ruggered terrain.  Both a physical and mental challenge and I am glad I diverted from my training plan.  It demonstrated that I am stronger both physically and mentally than I give myself credit for.  I have no doubts that I will reap the benefits come race day.


I started day one with no real game plan.  Expecting to climb into the sweep vehicle shattered half-way but after settling in and keeping my heart-rate under wraps I finished day one surprised and stronger that I expected.


Day two was uncharted territory.  I had never ridden two consecutive days.  I was nervous as hell as the legs felt fine walking around but I wasn’t sure how they would handle the first peddle.  I dawdled at the back and again settled into a comfortable pace and kept my heart-rate relatively low.  The route was a lot easier than day one with only one major climb. 


Day three and still feeling relatively strong.  An evening massage did wonders and the overhead clouds made the starting 2km climb almost enjoyable.  Free-wheeling into the finish area touched on the emotional side as I can now say I’ve completed a stage-race and can proudly wear my t-shirt. 


I can’t wait to run down the finishing stretch at Ironman, no doubt the emotions will be over-whelming and the champagne bubbling.


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