19 weeks to Ironman

A rest week is supposed to be just that.  I was looking forward to a week of sleeping late, catching up with friends and having the odd drink or two. 


Well, my body has adjusted so well to the training that it has scant regard for a rest week and had me up and at em’ religiously at 5:30am each morning.  So I was up, then the mind started with, I should be out there doing something, gosh I want to go running which finally resulted in me feeling totally deflated and un-motivated to do anything.


The streak has persisted with my Monday spin already been shifted to an afternoon spin………… All I can say is that I’m glad to be back to a ‘normal’ training week so that my training plan can get back on track and I can start feeling ‘human’ again.


Rest weeks are awesome and a much needed break during the big scheme of things.  Just take cognisance of the low-time and don’t let it deter you.


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