18 weeks to Ironman

17 weeks ago I started training for Ironman South Africa .  17 weeks are left until race day and I thought I would just look back over the past 17 weeks and recap the progress made.


6 weeks foundation training, 6 weeks base training, 4 weeks recovery, 1 week race


Personal Bests achieved:

10km – 58.59 mins

21.1km – 2h08 mins


Personal firsts:

3-day staged mountain-bike race (Cederberg Escape ).


It’s been a legendary 17 weeks and I’ve enjoyed each and every one of them, ok, with different levels of enjoyment but nonetheless.  My vocabulary now includes words like machine, athlete, skinny and fit.  Words that I have struggled to accept and acknowledge when referring to myself.


I’ve met interesting folks along the way that have made the journey easier, the gaps between myself and the more experienced has narrowed and I’m filled with enthusiasm for the coming 17 weeks.  Just hope they won’t go as quickly as the past 17 weeks.


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