17 weeks to Ironman

Biggest training week by far this past week and my body is showing signs of fatigue.  After chatting to my coach, he says it’s the natural progression and is all part of the programme!


By training on tired legs it’s conditioning the body and encouraging/forcing coping mechanism to enter the brainwaves.  Um, OK, if you say so, mind letting my brain in on the deal………


Christened my wetsuit last week and gosh, swimming in the ocean is way different to a pool.  It’s exhausting, nerve-racking and frustrating as you go all over the place.  So new to the training plan is a weekly ocean swim.


Off to take-part in Double Century this weekend, a 220km road ride, it will be the longest distance I’ve cycled on my road bike and by far the longest time on the saddle.  Einaar…


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