16 weeks to Ironman

My bike odometer jumped a further 205km this Saturday, reaching the 180km mark in 7.5 hours was encouraging; however, it excludes the rest and replenishing stops along the way.  It also excludes that commencing 3.8km swim that kick-starts the entire event.  I’m not sure if having one discipline conquered is enough reason for celebrating? 


As I’ve come to experience, by body coped far better than my head and at this rate I best start putting my mind on its own training plan or it’s going to be my demise.  The trick is getting the body and mind working together like a perfectly tuned synchronized swimming team.  In principle it sounds easy but in practice it’s proving harder than I thought.  Currently they are working on opposing teams and haven’t realised that joining forces will generate a superior result.


The body is on the up and up and it’s time for the mind to begin the upward journey or it will be left behind in the excitement…….


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