15 weeks to Ironman

Another week down, another 12.5 hours to add to my accumulated training time and another week closer to Ironman …..


The fear and realisation is setting in and I find myself questioning my sensibility at embarking on such a huge goal.  Would it have made more sense starting with a ‘mini’ triathlon and then making the leap?  I guess time will tell (or Jailbreak next weekend). 


By all accounts I’m on track to finish Ironman comfortably but the self-doubt is weaving its branches and playing havoc with my emotions.  Yet, after each training session or race I can feel and see the difference my training has made.  It’s just putting them all together on one day that’s daunting.  Experienced Ironman finishers ensure me that it all comes together on race day and I’m taking their words for it.


To Robyn, my training partner, you have been their every step of the way both physically and emotionally.  I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to our next run together.


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