14 weeks to Ironman

As the year winds down and the ‘silly’ season takes over so do the social engagements.  My week has been dispersed with Xmas parties and business lunches.  Training has slotted in but it’s been at the expense of sleep.  It’s been good and what’s good to note is that the dancing shoes were on and the glass filled even though training was high on the agenda.


20 weeks of training will be tested this Sunday in the much-anticipated Jailbreak Triathlon.  A 2.2km swim, 100km cycle and a 25km run.  Am I nervous…. For sure. 


I’ve conquered (well almost) each discipline separately but never one after the other which is where the challenge lies.  I’m going to take it in my stride so to speak and tackle each discipline wisely and take mental note of my weak areas so that I can use the remaining 12 weeks to turn them into strengths.


In addition, my nutritional plan is going to be tested as packing for a 5-hour cycle is a lot easier than packing for a full days outing. 


It’s going to be the most challenging day to date.  Here’s hoping the past 20 weeks haven’t been in vain! 


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