10 weeks to Ironman

As I write this update it’s 9 weeks to race day……… it’s weird but a strange sense of calmness has encased me as I’ve realised that I can’t do anymore that what I have.  The remaining 9 weeks are maintenance and getting used to ‘brick sessions’ which start in the next two weeks.


The holiday season has come and gone and best wishes to all of you.  My holiday was very relaxing.  Training was a priority but rest and relaxation superseded and I became a pro at reading, sleeping and eating.  The training I did was of the social kind but still effective.  Riding the Ironman cycle route was a highlight and to those that haven’t ridden it before it isn’t that bad.  A slight incline in the first 10km then rolling hills and virtually flat to the end.  Just be aware that the road surface is not the greatest and its three laps…….


Week 11 took an interesting turn and tender glutes and quads were the agenda for the week.  5-days on the bike and 480km later, training partner, coach and several Ironman groupies are well on the way to a comfortable bike ride come race day.  Day one and two were by far the hardest with days 3,4 & 5 becoming marginally easier.  I am continually amazed at the adaptability of the body and the correct combination of running, cycling and swimming have all complimented the preparation.


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