9 weeks to Ironman

To-date my training has gone uninterrupted and rather smoothly.  It’s inevitable that it should be plain sailing to race day but alas I find myself with an inflamed and tender knee after my longest run of 30km the past weekend.  To say I’m upset and disillusioned would be putting it mildly.  Disappointed is how I would describe my feelings and the next two months are going to test my mental abilities to overcome this set-back. 


My weakest discipline has always been my running and after a dismal run at Jailbreak.  I’ve been plagued with negative thoughts ever since.  Not the best way to overcome a weakness……… I’ve accepted (physically) that my Ironman run is going to be more of a walk and a difficult walk at that, emotionally though it’s breaking my spirit.  My cycling has improved in leaps and bounds and I was hoping that my running would follow suit.          


The past 7-months have taught me perseverance, discipline and patience.  The remaining two months are going to give me the chance to display those characteristics and look back on this past week in particular as the most challenging. 


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