6 weeks to Ironman

Seven of us set off on an ‘unofficial’ Half-Ironman yesterday starting with a 45-min swim at the gym, hopped on the bike for approximately 5 hours, rolled in with 110km on the clock after a slight detour that included a monster hill (4 hills in total), finishing off with 3 x 7km running loops.


It was great, but for the first time I couldn’t wait to hop off my bike and hit the road.  My best laid plan of 20/3 flew out the window.  I only managed one 20/3 then shuffled/walked the remainder.  Was flabbergasted at the end when told my run time was 2.18 ……. my PB is 2.08. 


It was a great day and remarkable to see the change in stamina compared to Jailbreak last year. 


A whopping 6.5 hours this week…….  


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