4 weeks to Ironman

A big 15 hour week in the log-book and one more to go… To say I’m counting the days/hours until I start my taper are putting it mildly.  It’s going to be a gentle two weeks that will see my body and mind go into total de-motivation mode.  I am prepared and have arranged every conceivable social engagement that I have eluded since my 34 weeks of training started to keep my mind off the fewer training hours.


A phenomenal week of training that culminated with a brick session, and a half-marathon.   Once again I’m amazed at the stamina of the body and how it has adjusted to the heavy mileage.  Before, I would have been man-down after a half-marathon, now the body is screaming for more.  Pinching myself has become a common occurrence during/after each session is completed as fewer and fewer aches and pains are felt.  


Checklists have been prepared and my pantry is stocked with the entire stock of Vooma found at the local Sportsmans Warehouse I have decided to stick to my preferred gel and energy drink of choice and have not given Powerbar a try.  I will carry my own gels and mixture with me on race day; I guess time will tell if this is the best strategy….


Talking to prior Ironman finishes has become my goal with every social engagement I attend.  The light in their eyes is contagious and the advice given is listened to and segmented for later use.  I am humbled when newbies are not familiar with Ironman and bashful when they inquire to its components.  Alas, once the gates are open there is no stopping.


Its 4-weeks to the biggest day in my life and for 1 500 fellow competitors.  Make it a memorably four weeks, stick to the last bits of training, taper and rest and arrive charged.


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