3 weeks to Ironman

The training is done, the nerves are conscious and race day is very much in the hands of ‘what will be.’ Long training rides are a thing of the past and part of me is sad that the journey is nearing completion.


A memorable 15-hour final week has cemented the preparation as I embrace three weeks of rest and relaxation mingled with anxious anxiety and fear. I’m continually being asked how I am feeling and it’s difficult to articulate it clearly, because this has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, enlightenment and frustration.


The biggest enlightenment has been the durability and sustainability of my body. I am astonished how well it has endured five consecutive days on the bike, brick sessions followed by a half marathon, and back-to-back 15-hour weeks.


The downs have been surpassed by the ups and are not worth mentioning. Also, unrealistic early expectations that were self-inflicted have all been part of the learning curve.


Further enlightenment has included support and encouragement from family, friends and colleagues, including some that have surprised me and are now my biggest supporters.


Frustrations have been minor and have coincided with down periods when training was low and patience and perseverance had been forgotten.


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