2 weeks to Ironman

Filling in my logbook this morning gave way to nostalgia and reminiscing about the first few weeks of my Ironman training, which started in July 2006. The countdown started with 34 weeks to go and now only two remain.


An early eye op delayed the swim training and panic set in as I was missing out on 15 and 20-minute swims. Lately my swims have been averaging 1 hour and 1.5 hours…


A hip injury had me worried but changing my routine, resting and slowly upping the mileage gave way to first a 10km and then a 21.1km PB.


Switching from a mountain-bike to a road-bike with cleats was a struggle – a love of mountains, dirt and trails had to give way to speed, cars and tar road. Nevertheless, the transition was made and a three-day stage race (Cederberg Escape), Double Century (205km) and five consecutive days on the bike are all logged in my logbook.


Solid friendships have been cemented. New friends have been made. Bigger goals have been set and Ironman 2007 is the launching platform.


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