1 week to Ironman

I received an SMS from a fellow competitor yesterday (Sunday).  It said


“Where will you be this time next week?” 


Eeck, think the penny dropped there and then and alarm bells rang and my inner voiced screamed “I’m doing Ironman on Sunday!”  Think it’s only dawned on me yesterday… What was I thinking?   


With the training done, a sense of calmness prevails with the odd (ok, frequent) twisting and churning of a nervous stomach taking control.  The common greeting in the passage way is “not long to go” followed by a grin that a Cheshire Cat would be proud of. 


Over the past week I have had several discussions with folks that have achieved the extraordinary, been awarded for their merits and overcome personal tragedies.  Their achievements have been accoladed, written about and marvelled at.  They are heroes and heroines in my mind.  Yet, when Ironman is mentioned, they have the utmost respect for me……. I find this astonishing considering their feats and amazed at their humbleness.  Their well wishes are held close and the enormity is further entrenched in my mind.


The journey is on the finishing mat and surrounding me are phenomenal friends, family and colleagues. 


Phew, 6 more sleeps……  


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